FREE Online Workshop for Busy Men
Presented by Johnathon Vogel, Founder of Origins Health Coaching
Free Online Workshop
Discover the 5 Steps My Clients Use to Turn Their Bodies into Fat Burning Machines without Sacrificing Their Lives or Time
FREE Online Workshop
2pm, 8pm, and next training starts in: 
In this 60-minute training you’ll discover:
  • How my clients burn fat effortlessly using The Fat Fueled Formula™.

  • The surprising reasons that “diets” don’t work and what my clients do instead.

  • Why my clients feel better in their 30’s and 40’s than ever before.

  •  The ONLY proven process to burn belly fat.

  •  Why my clients are able to lose the gut WITHOUT a gym membership! Less really is better.

  • And more!

About your host
Johnathon Vogel
Johnathon Vogel is a nutrition expert focused on helping busy men lose the gut and become life-long fat burners. After years of poor eating, hectic schedules, and a sedentary lifestyle, Johnathon became convinced something had to change. He weighed more than ever in his life and was extremely self-conscious of his unsightly gut. After much research, trial and error, and failures he finally discovered the secrets to getting back to our origins and becoming really good at burning fat.

Johnathon pulls from his own experience of losing weight and becoming an exceptional fat burner, hours of research and reading, and formal nutrition and coaching training.

Now, he’s sharing his expertise and experience with other busy men in an effort to get their lives back!

If you want to know how my clients lost the gut, gain more energy, and burn fat for life...then this FREE online workshop is for you.
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